Organisation Membersz

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$3000 per year

Turnover greater than $1m, or 10 or more staff. Receive full membership benefits, discounts, and take active part in industry lobbying, stakeholder participation and engagement.



$2000 per year

Organisations with a turnover of less than $1m. Receive full membership benefits, discounts, and take active part in industry lobbying, stakeholder participation and engagement.



$1000 per year

Any organisation that is associated with and aligns with what we do, and supports how we do it. Keep up to date with news, information, learning and education opportunities.

Individual Members

Individual participating members who are active in CPD and learning events are based on time in the industry.

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Licenced Builder


For actively working builders who has held a a current licence for more than 1 year. $150 per person



Working Apprenticeship


For anyone working towards their building apprenticeship and actively completing practical work. $100 per person



Nationwide access to many benefits

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Save time and money with:

  • Access to insurance brokers
  • Certified Templates, Producer Statements and Disclosure Documents
  • Access to Industry experts for advice
  • Help finding new staff through our Employment Centre
  • Tools to manage your staffs education progress and continuing professional development
  • Discounted products

Keep up to date with:

  • Access to online tools and resources to assist your business.
  • Access to discounted pricing
  • Our annual conference
  • Online learning opportunities
  • Help with website development, online marketing tools and advertising
  • Specification information

Be heard:

  • Have a say, and be a part of the process that effects government change
  • Have input towards Industry Training and Education
  • Share and contribute to best practice construction methods
  • Have input into safety standards
  • Share Industry ideas with peers


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